What is WhatsApp New Privacy Policy ?

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Hello ! Welcome again to our interesting world. Today we are going to discuss about a new Trending Topic that’s WhatsApp New Privacy Policy Change. 


In today’s digital world, it has become a completely new and very controversial topic of discussion. What is this new privacy policy, and what will be its effects? 

Many people have made it the subject of misleading propaganda that this will cause to stop WhatsApp, otherwise they will be able to read all our data and messages. Like, to whom do we talk, what do we send. 

But through today’s topic, we will completely clear all your misconceptions and you will be absolutely sure that what is going to happen to you or what will happen ??

So let us know why these new changes have to be brought and how it will affect our privacy. 

What is WhatsApp New Privacy Policy ?
What is WhatsApp New Privacy Policy ?

What is WhatsApp’s New Privacy Policy ?

Actually, as you all would know or not, WhatsApp has now come in the hands of Facebook. That is, now the owner of WhatsApp is also owning the same. 


However, there has been no change in their core staff. So coming into the hands of Facebook they have introduced a new privacy policy in their own way. On which many controversies are arising. 

What  WhatsApp says ?

In this way, the makers of WhatsApp had to come forward to present their side due to their policies being questioned.


So in his clarification, he disclosed that :-

  • WhatsApp takes full care of your privacy and the purpose of this new policy is not to violate your privacy at all.
  • They said, both Facebook and WhatsApp cannot see your personal messages or listen to your voice calls. Your personal messages are protected with end-to-end encryption, whatever you share with your loved ones remains with you.
  • WhatsApp has made it clear that they have made their new policy keeping in mind the guidelines of Facebook.
  • Under the new policy, they will share WhatsApp data with their parent app , Facebook . 
  • WhatsApp has also clarified that your WhatsApp groups are private, both WhatsApp and Facebook cannot see your shared location.
  • WhatsApp has suggested its users to use the “Disappearing Message Mode” to protect your privacy.


  • WhatsApp has said that we do not share your contact list with Facebook, only after your permission we can add phone numbers from the address book.

Where is it applicable:- 

WhatsApp has made it very clear in its issued guidelines that it will not share your personal messages at all. 


Rather, if you use a WhatsApp business account, all your messages will be shared with Facebook. 

According to WhatsApp, millions of people around the world talk securely with businesses on it, so it will connect you to a business account with your permission that has the same features as you to improve your conversations.

What’s Wrong with WhatsApp New Privacy Policy :

In fact, two years after Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014 , in 2016, the company issued a new policy stating that the company is sharing your mobile number with Facebook so that you can get better friend suggestions and show you related ads.

This shows that WhatsApp has started sharing some data with Facebook, but under the new policy, it is now showing a provision to share also your payment data with Facebook.

It is worth noting that WhatsApp will be able to see your payment data, that is, to whom you are sending the amount, for what purpose, all these will be known to WhatsApp. Clearly this can be considered a breach of privacy, even if he cannot see our messages, but seeing our payments is also a breach of privacy.

It may also happen that later it makes all our data completely public, so that all our messages can be accessed by Facebook.


So finally we can say that this new policy is harmful for us somewhere or the other.

What if we don’t follow new policy :

WhatsApp has clearly clarified that if you make a new WhatsApp policy and your account is not in use for 120 days, then WhatsApp will completely deactivate your account, you will not be able to access your account again.

You will neither be able to use it nor will you be able to talk to anyone

Some FAQs related to it :-

#1. Will WhatsApp really stop?

Ans:- No, WhatsApp is a world class company, it can never be     

closed. Yes it is possible that if you do not follow its policies then your account can be deactivated.

  1. What is the policy deadline ?

Ans:- In fact, now it has become a big issue, and its hearing is going on in the Supreme Court, so it will be difficult to say when its last date can be. However, WhatsApp has declared June 15 as the deadline.

  1. What happens after the updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy go into effect ?

Ans:- WhatsApp says that we will keep showing a notification to the users who have not accepted by reading this, in which more information related to this update will be given.

  1. What is end to end encryption ?

Ans:- This is actually a feature of WhatsApp, under which WhatsApp claims that by end-to-end encryption, your messages, photos, videos, voice messages, documents, statuses, and calls are protected and no one can misuse them.

  1. Is whatsapp payment safe ?

Ans:- At the moment it would not be fair to say that it is completely safe, because even after being surrounded by controversies, WhatsApp has not announced to change its policies. Meaning WhatsApp can share your payment data with its parent app Facebook, so at the moment it is not secure at all.

  1. Is WhatsApp Business Secure ?

Ans:- Although WhatsApp Business is an easy way to keep in touch with your customers, it is being disputed after the new privacy policy. It is believed that all your business messaging details are shared by WhatsApp with Facebook, which is a public app. So it can be said that if WhatsApp Business is used carefully to the extent it is correct, but doing transaction related work can be considered a bit risky.

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